Barrington Tops – An Escape to Healthy Air


Barrington Tops – An Escape to Healthy Air

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Barrington Tops is the pinnacle of the Hunter Valley’s national parks, boasting mountain peaks and expansive valleys forged from ancient volcanic powers. It is one of the largest forests in Australia which many of Australia’s iconic native bird and animal species call home. The stunning and diverse landscape can be enjoyed through relaxing hikes to breathtaking lookouts. The park offers a retreat to serene tranquillity and the bliss of natural, healthy air.

An Absolute Wonder

The rich volcanic soil of Barrington Tops feeds life to the wilderness and neighbouring farmland. With the dramatic landscape comes a diverse and truly unique ecosystem of rainforests alongside alpine regions. A combination of the dense foliage on the trees and the mineral-rich earth provide Barrington Tops with a wealth of wholesome, healthy air. You will find the ancient beech trees towering above walking paths and the rejuvenating smell of eucalyptus among the gum trees.

The unspoilt wilderness is teaming with life as local fauna thrive amongst the forests. Some species thought to have gone extinct have been found taking sanctuary in the undisturbed areas of Barrington Tops. Many of Australia’s iconic animals can be found there including the platypus, echidna, kookaburra and kangaroo. There are efforts to protect the vast array of rare bird species in the area that are found nowhere else in the world.

Embracing Barrington Tops

Barrington Tops is the essence of our passion for wholesome, fresh air at HealthiAirAus. The vital resource of clean air, rich with revitalising properties, is so plentiful in the region. That is why we chose to harvest from the region as it has some of the most pleasurable and delightful air in all of Australia. We wanted to recreate the experience of standing at the peaks of the Barrington Tops and filling your chest with nourishing, healthy air.

Through pursuit of our passion we bring to you ‘BOREAS’ – wonderful, natural air sourced from the extraordinary mountains of the Barrington Tops. We have worked hard to capture the spirit of the region and all its natural wonders. Explore the subtle aromas and flavours of the healthy air this region offers. Let the revitalizing powers of natural, clean air ease you into blissful serenity.