founders could not believe the severity of air pollution in some parts of the world, after watching similar reports such as the one featured on our homepage.

They were amazed at how the simplicity of breathing fresh air was such a challenge for some people in certain areas of the world! Thus,  was born, created to assist in the alleviation of the symptoms associated with the immediate effects of air pollution.

Children cover their face to take precaution from the air pollution by a mixture of pollution and fog at NCR region on November 7, 2012 in New Delhi, India. (Photo by Sanjeev Verma/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)


The diverse and beautiful natural wonderland contained within the Hunter Region of New South Wales is only one reason for the founders of   to create their products for the world. Air pollution affects everyone it reaches, with some demographics in society such as pregnant women and the elderly being most at risk.

 have chosen to begin their journey with the ANEMOS range of canned air products as they assist in the temporary relief from symptoms of pollution experienced while in transit or just outside the home in general. Most citizens in smog affected cities live with Air Purifiers in their home to clean the air contained within, providing them with a somewhat clean and enjoyable atmosphere. Outside where these machines have no merit it is up to the individual to protect their lungs from pollution. This can be achieved through the use of an air filtering face mask or, you guessed it, a fresh, crisp can of ANEMOS Zephyrus or ANEMOS Boreas! As our product has a maximum volume of air available, we recommend buying in multi-packs to fully be able to utilize the benefit of our product for a more significant period of time.

Premier Australian canned air, handcrafted in the Hunter Region. Our air is so good, it’s like it has been sourced straight from the Gods of Wind themselves! The name ANEMOS represents the collective term for the five  Wind Gods: Boreas, Eurus, Notus, Zephyrus and Apeliotes.  chose these Gods to represent their different products as they give a fitting impression of the excellent quality of the air contained inside.

Experience the natural purity and wonder of the ANEMOS. Pure Australian Air farmed from the most beautiful locations in the New South Wales Hunter Region!

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