Hunter Valley Vineyards


ZEPHYRUS (sometimes depicted as Zephyr) is the  God of the Western wind, and is one of the most famous of all the  Wind Gods. He was chosen to represent our Lower Hunter Valley Air as his winds are said to bring life, healing and abundant fruitfulness as he often arrives around springtime. He is the father to fruit, and gifted his wife the domain of flowers; in fact, Zephyrus was often said to be the instigator of the Hyacinth flower, famous in the Hunter Valley region.

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Due to its prime location and deep lying topography – this area is the home for fresh air in New South Wales. As this particular area features some of the highest quality vineyards in Australia, the offending air pollutants are easily soaked up, and converted into fresh and natural air for us to breathe. The natural geography around the Lower Hunter Valley means it easily captures and holds temperate, clean air.  Celebrate the blessings of ‘ZEPHYRUS’ with our delicious, natural air – sourced right from the abundant sweeping countryside of the Lower Hunter Valley Vineyards.

Explore the delicious smells, tastes, and delights of the Lower Hunter Valley’s Vineyards today withZEPHYRUS’ – delicious, fresh and natural air,  as if it were straight from the gods themselves!