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Utilising the latest in Air Farming technology,  capture the pure essence of our locations in every can that we fill on site. Our product is rigorously tested in our distribution warehouse before a single shipment is sent, ensuring world-class standards for our customers.


NOTUS is the Greek god of the South Wind. He is most often associated with heavy rainstorms, and the hot, vibrant and storm bringing winds of Summer and Autumn. He represents our Watagans Rainforest Air, where the air is freshly renewed each day through the abundance of large trees and natural flora. Notus is depicted […]


EUROS is the Greek god of the Eastern winds and was frequently associated with the cool winds of autumn. Euros was said to have dwelt in the illustrious and stunning palace of the Sun God Helios. Euros is most often said by Homer to be a joyful, friendly god – often depicted as a small […]


ZEPHYRUS (sometimes depicted as Zephyr) is the Greek god of the Western wind, and is one of the most famous of all the Greek wind gods. He was chosen to represent our Lower Hunter Valley Air as his winds were often said to bring life, healing and abundant fruitfulness – as he was often said […]


BOREAS is the Greek god of the cold, North wind; and the harbinger of winter. He has been frequently depicted as a tall, wise old man – with a large cloak, shabby beard and hair, holding a large conch shell. Boreas was also depicted as having winged human feet; which represents the strong, powerful winds […]


APELIOTES is the Greek God of the South-East wind and the favorite among farmers. His wind brought with it refreshing rain which was said to provide relief throughout times of drought. He was often depicted with curly hair and a friendly expression, while wearing gumboots and carrying flowers and fruit. Chosen for our Newcastle Beach […]