The Lower Hunter Valley’s Abundance of Natural Air


The Lower Hunter Valley’s Abundance of Natural Air

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The Lower Hunter Valley is famous for its internationally acclaimed wines, fertile soil, abundant crops, and first-class restaurants. Pokolbin, located at the heart of the region sits in the foothills of the Brokenback Range with vast open fields and endless natural beauty. Native species of birds and animals flourish bringing life and joy to the area for its locals and visitors. Over two million people visit every year to enjoy the breathtaking views and natural air of the country side.

A Truly Unique Environment

The geography of the Lower Hunter Valley is a true marvel providing a balanced eco system enabling farming, winemaking and nature to thrive side-by-side. The most significant natural feature is Brokenback Range which provides protection from harsh weather and feeds fresh water to the rivers. The typography of the valley combined with the plentiful crops and foliage provides an abundance of healthy, natural air free from pollutants of big cities throughout Pokolbin.

People travel from all around the world to bear witness to the beauty of the Lower Hunter Valley. Many come to enjoy Australia’s oldest wine region and find themselves surprised by variety and scope of the spectacular scenery on offer. It is popular for people to enjoy the stunning views from a hot-air balloon or a golf course. The Lower Hunter Valley offers a connection to nature and our roots, revitalising us from our busy day-to-day lives.

Experiencing the Lower Hunter Valley

The Lower Hunter Valley is an inspiration to us at HealthiAirAus to share healthy, nourishing air with the world. We chose harvest from this region because of its wealth of wholesome clean air provided by its unique geography and plentiful crops. We wanted to recreate the experience of standing in Pokolbin and filling your lungs with pure, natural air.

Thus ‘ZEPHYRUS’ was born, wonderful, natural air sourced from the fruitful vineyards of Pokolbin. We have worked hard to capture the essence of the Lower Hunter Valley and all its wonders. Discover the elegant smells, tastes and subtleties of the fresh air this region offers. Let the rejuvenating energies of the natural, clean air fill your chest and relax your mind and provide a fulfilling experience.